Orders that Europa has Fulfilled

When Europa is fulfilling your orders, you will still need to go into your Shopify admin and take some steps to notify your customer that their shipment is on the way and provide them with tracking information. 

  1. Make sure on the Shopify Checkout Settings page, under “Order Processing” that you do NOT have “Automatically fulfill the order’s line items” checked.
  2. Europa will send you an email that the order has shipped and provide tracking information.
  3. Look up the order in your Shopify admin, under “Orders” and click on the order #
  4. You will see a blue button “Fulfill”. Click that.

  5. The next screen will have a field for you to enter the tracking number and carrier of the order shipment.

  6. Click to “Send a confirmation email to the customer for this shipment”
  7. When you’re done, click “Fulfill Items” to mark the order as Fulfilled.
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