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This document is intended as a “reference tool” for owners of Shopify ecommerce stores integrated with the INSite NutriLoader data-feed loader & order processing system. The document contains important details about how the NutriLoader works with your distributor’s data, and how to manage INSite designed Shopify themes.

Products in Shopify

Use of Shopify Metafields

The INSite NutriLoader is a data-feed loading system that specializes in loading nutritional and supplement related product data into ecommerce platforms. Your distributor provides data files with information specific to each of their supplement products, and the NutriLoader loads this data into ecommerce systems such as Shopify.

Because nutritional products often have unique fields of data, such as nutrient details, there are a large number of data fields per product. There are actually more data fields needed to properly display supplement product details than Shopify makes available through their normal product management portal screens.

So, to properly store all of the nutritional details for a supplement product, INSite stores some of that data in Shopify “metafields”. We are able to load all of the product description details and nutritional data into the Shopify data storage system because of metafields.

One important note, the Shopify metadata cannot be viewed using just the Shopify store management portal. Instead, there are several Shopify apps, such as MetaFields Editor and browser add-ons that can call the Shopify API to allow you or your designer to manage your metafields and see the product data stored in Shopify.

Daily Product Loading

The NutriLoader automatically updates your stores’ Europa products and associated data (description, nutritional information, pricing, images, and more) on a daily schedule, including weekends. If you need an update to occur at another time between those daily updates, please contact to ask for a manual load of the data. Many clients utilize this service when they have made changes to pricing that need to be loaded immediately. Remember, any changes that you make in your NutriLoader portal will not be loaded onto your site until the daily feed runs, or we run it manually on your behalf.

Manufacturer’s Product Descriptions and/or Your Own Custom Descriptions

On your project setup form, we asked you to choose whether you would like the ability to have custom descriptions. The following explains this choice and how your site is affected.

  1. Ability to have your own custom descriptions: Instead of loading a manufacturer’s product detail into the default Shopify description field, we can set the feed to have manufacturer’s descriptions load into a metafield, which gives you the ability to display two descriptions for a product—a custom description and the manufacturer’s description. The manufacturer’s description will come from the feed in the parent product’s metafields. To add a custom description you simply add it on the products page of your Shopify Admin Dashboard. See Shopify support on this topic: The custom descriptions you enter here will not be overwritten by the data feed. If there is no customer description entered, your site will simply display only the manufacturer’s description.

  1. Display only manufacturer’s descriptions: You can also choose not to create your own custom descriptions. In this scenario we will load the descriptions into the main Shopify description field instead of a metafield. You can then view the description in your Shopify Dashboard under the parent product, but you should not edit this description as any changes will be overwritten by the next feed.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

In your NutriLoader portal you can choose to “Respect MAP Pricing” (Product>>Markup). When you do this, the NutriLoader will recognize when a product in the feed has a tag of “MAP” applied to it, and will hide the price until checkout. INSite’s programming logic displays “See in Cart” instead of the price on the parent product, and your marked up price in the cart, as shown in the next 2 illustrations:

Excluding Prohibited Products

PayPal, Amazon Payments, WePay, and other services do not allow the purchase of certain supplement products through their merchant systems, irrespective of any claims of legality. Documentation on acceptable use policies from these services will be able to provide more information to you on any supplement products they have blocked. If you find that a service you are using has prohibited any of the Europa products fed into your store, you can exclude them easily in the Nutriloader Portal (Product>>Exclusion)

Europa Client Pricing File

The NutriLoader gathers the discounts Europa is giving you on their products from a file called your “Client Pricing File”. You can obtain a copy of this file from your Europa Sales Representative, or by logging in to and navigating to “My Account”. Scroll down for the Client Pricing File Export.


Shipping and Fulfillment

Order Notification Emails

You have a couple of choices in regards to how we set up your NutriLoader Portal to handle order notifications and shipping/fulfillment. For a new order from your Shopify store, you can choose to have the NutriLoader automatically send the order to Europa for fulfillment, or to you for review and then manual sending to Europa for fulfillment.

  1. Orders Automatically Sent to Europa: When a customer places an order Shopify will generate an order confirmation email for your customer, and will also send a notification to your store contact. The NutriLoader also picks up the order and generates a correctly formatted email to Europa Weborders for fulfillment ( This order email is sent to Europa within minutes of the customer placing the order, regardless of any fraud alerts in Shopify. Once shipped (typically they will fulfill same day), Europa will send your store contact a shipment tracking code. Your store contact will need to enter this tracking code in the Shopify Admin Dashboard for each order, which triggers Shopify to send a shipment confirmation to the customer.
  2. Orders Sent to your Website Administrator for Approval: In this setup, when a customer places an order, Shopify will generate an order confirmation email to the customer, and sends a notification to the store contact as well. From there, the NutriLoader picks up the order and generates an email to your store contact for approval. (This email also goes out for non-Europa products that are fed through the Nutirloader portal.) The store contact can then either fulfill the order manually or forward the order on to Europa ( Once shipped (typically they will fulfill same day), Europa will send your store contact a shipment tracking code. Your store contact should need to enter this tracking code into the Shopify Admin Dashboard for each order, which triggers Shopify to send a shipment confirmation to the customer.

Flat-Rate VS. Real-time Shipping:
At this time real-time shipping is only available with Shopify’s Unlimited Plan.

  1. Flat-Rate Shipping Method: When Europa fulfills your order, they will use your organization’s shipping carrier account and rates. Shopify will charge the customer the flat rate you have set up for orders in your Shopify Admin Dashboard, using your store address. Europa, however, will use real-time shipping calculated from their warehouse. Because of this, you may see some discrepancies in the amount which the customer has paid you for shipping.
  2. Real-Time Shipping Method: When Europa fulfills your order, they will use your shipping carrier account and rates. Shopify will charge your customer based on the same real-time account rates, calculated from your store address (set up in Shopify Admin Dashboard). However, Europa will calculate the rate from the actual warehouse address they ship from (the closest to your store address where the product is in stock). Because of this, you will see some slight discrepancies in the amount of shipping charged back to you from Europa vs. the amount that the customer has paid you for shipping. At this time there is not a more accurate method of managing shipping costs. 

Shopify Store Content Management

Theme Settings

Every Shopify Theme has the ability to edit your Theme Settings which affect the look and feel of your site (Once logged into your Shopify Admin, navigate to Themes>>Customize theme). This area differs from the other settings in your Shopify Admin Dashboard in that it only affects the appearance of your site and not the functionality. For example, if you are set up to accept PayPal, but want to discontinue this service, you would need to turn off the service under Settings>>Payments>>PayPal, but if INSite designed your theme then also uncheck the PayPal payment method icon in your Theme Settings so that it no longer shows on your site (Themes>>Customize theme>>Footer section). This turns on or off the PayPal payment icon displayed on your site.

When your site theme is designed by INSite, generic settings will be applied to your Theme Settings such as your 1-800 number, your slide show slides, or the collection of products to show in your home page. Please explore this area of the Shopify Admin to customize your theme.

Frontpage Products

Your theme likely has a list of products on the front page. We’ll call them “Featured Products.” These will by default come from the “frontpage” collection built into Shopify. If INSite designed your theme this can be modified through the Theme Settings and has likely been setup so that you can choose the collection these products come from. To reorganize the “frontpage” collection of products, visit your store’s Shopify admin, choose Collections on the left and search for “frontpage” in the collection search box.


Shopify’s checkout system is outside of your site theme. It will look different from your site in overall layout. Some design can be done to this area but with limitations.

Boilerplate Text

Automated Shopify Emails: If you navigate to your Shopify admin dashboard under Settings>>Notifications>>Email templates, you will see a list of automated emails that can be set up for your store. INSite will populate these emails with boilerplate content, but we recommend that you review and customize these emails.

Policy Statements: If you navigate to Settings>>Checkout>>Refund, privacy, and TOC, you will find your store’s policy statements. Again, INSite will populate these areas with boilerplate content, but we recommend that you review and customize these statements.

Webpage Content: INSite will load boilerplate content on webpages such as “Privacy Policy” and “FAQ”. This content is easily changed using the Shopify content management system or Pages as it is called in the Shopify admin. INSite will load custom content if included in your theme package during the site build out, but may separately quote on content updates that involve any creative services.


Google Analytics

Shopify makes easy work of adding Google Analytics to your store. Please refer to to learn more about setting up this feature. You will need a google account. INSite does not include this setup in our NutriLoader Packages, but we can assist you with this. Please request our Menu of Services for more information.


There are many Shopify-compatible apps that you can add to your store, both free and for a cost, that will enhance the features and functionality of your store. You can search for apps at INSite does not endorse specific apps, but we can assist you with installation and troubleshooting in this area. Please request our Menu of Services for more information.


You have a few options when it comes to support for your store.

Shopify Resources

Shopify Help and Support can be found at, in the form of technical documentation, forums, apps, and experts.

Shopify is your best bet when you have questions about how to use the Shopify system, or how to change settings that affect your store.

INSite Resources

INSite support is available 24/7 at From there you can access articles on how to use the NutriLoader portal software. You can also submit a support ticket on this site to get answers to questions 8am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday or call 704-469-5600. INSite is your best bet as a resource for questions regarding the data being loaded into your store.


If you are working with art to deploy on your site, you may find the free online image editor Pixlr useful. Navigate to INSite is available to edit and deploy art for your site as well. Please request the INSite Menu of Services to learn more.

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