Price Range Mark-Up

Price Range Mark-Up will override both General Mark-Up and Manufacturer Mark-Up for products in specific (wholesale) price-ranges according to the percentage assigned to the wholesale price-range(s). Price Range Mark-Up adds the specified percentage associated with the wholesale price according to the ranges you define.

To add Mark-Up for products in a specific price range:

    1. Login to the INSite Product Portal, 
    2. Select PRODUCT >> MARK-UP from the navigation
    3. Click the Add Range Markup button
    4. Specify the Price Low for the range
    5. Specify the Price High for the range
    6. Specify the percentage you wish to apply for the specified range
    7. Click the SET MARK-UP button

IMPORTANT: Changes made in the Nutriloader Portal will not be instantaneously updated on your website. Changes made here will be enacted on a daily basis. You may request a manual update by sending an email to

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