Important Information for your New Store

NutriLoader Portal:

Product Synchronization

Your NutriLoader products automatically update product description, nutritional information, pricing, images, and more every night. If you need an update to occur at another time, please contact to ask for a manual synchronization.

Your NutriLoader Products:

Product Descriptions

The Europa Sports’ Product Datafeed updates your products—this includes product descriptions. Shopify also has an area to place a product description. We’ve worked out a way for you to have both! When you write a custom description in the Shopify editor you will then see “Description” and “Manufacturer’s Description” on the product page. But don’t worry, if you leave the Shopify description blank, Europa’s version will fill its place.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Occasionally you will come across a product where the price is hidden until checkout. This is because of MAP pricing. The way that NutriLoader themes handle this is through the Shopify product tags. If a product has a minimum advertised price, it will also have a “MAP” tag. The theme then uses this information to hide the price until checkout.


PayPal does not allow the purchase of certain supplement products through their merchant, irrespective of any claims of legality. PayPal Merchant Support will be able to provide more information to you on any supplement products they have blocked. We recommend that you exclude PayPal blocked products from your website. You can remove these products by logging in to the Nutriloader Portal. Please make sure to review the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy here.

Your Shopify Store:

Theme Settings

Every Shopify Theme has the ability to change Theme Settings which affect the look and feel of your site. This area differs from the Settings area in that it only affects the appearance of your site and not the functionality. For example, if you no longer want to accept PayPal, you would need to turn off the service under Settings, but then also uncheck PayPal as a payment method in your Theme Settings so that it no longer shows on your site.

Please Note: any changes to the Theme Settings only affects the look of the site and not now it operates. For example, you can turn on or off any of the payment icons displayed on your site, but this does not change whether or not Shopify will accept that payment type.

When your site theme is designed generic settings will be applied to your Theme Settings. Please explore this area of the Shopify Admin to customize your theme.


During the creation of your theme, certain areas were customized and should be left as they were built. We’ll call these areas the “off-limits” areas and they will be clearly marked. As you manage your store, please work in a way that allows for you to return to those original states in case anything should run afoul.

Frontpage Products

Your theme likely has a list of products on the front page. We’ll call them “Featured Products.” These will by default come from the “frontpage” collection built into Shopify. This can be modified by the Theme Settings and has likely been setup so that you can choose the collection these products come from. To reorganize the “frontpage” collection of products, visit the Shopify Collections admin and search for “frontpage.”


Shopify’s checkout system is outside of your site theme. It will look different from your site in overall layout. Some design can be done to this area but with limitations.

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