How do I create a coupon and/or promotion code?

To create a coupon or promo code:

  1. Login to your ASPDNSF Administrative Console (www.yoursite.ext/config)
  2. Select Configuration >> Pricing and Promotions >> Coupons (-OR- Promotions*) from the navigation
  3. Click the Add New -OR- Add New Promo button*
  4. Complete the Coupon or Promo Code* setup form
  5. Click the Add Coupon or Save button*
*will vary depending on the version of ASPDNSF installed on your site
Once you've created/saved the coupon/promo code, it is ready for customers to use.  The code may be provided to customers verbally, via advertising or even via Newsletter/Email from ASPDNSF. (see for details!) 
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