How Do I Modify Shipping Methods and Rates?

During setup, "Shipping" is typically set to Real Time rates but this may be changed if desired.  There are several variations of shipping but keep in mind that these changes saved and effective in real time so have your prices ready to enter if you choose to modify your store to ship by weight, price, etc.

To add a shipping method:

  1. Login to your ASPDNSF Administrative Console (www.yoursite.ext/config)
  2. Select Configuration >> Shipping >> Shipping Methods from the navigation
  3. Click the Add New Button
  4. Create a label/name for the new Shipping Method ( You may label these however you wish...whatever you feel will make the most sense to your customers) 
  5. Click the Add New Button
  6. Be sure to set the appropriate States, Countries, and/or Zones for each method you create.

To change customer shipping cost to Fixed Rates:

  1. Select Configuration >> Shipping >> Shipping Rates Table from the navigation
  2. Select Use Fixed Prices 
  3. Click Set as Active Shipping Calculation Method 
  4. For each Shipping Method listed, enter the customer cost for that method
  5. Click the Update button

REMEMBER: Once you click the Set as Active Shipping Calculation Method button, the rates you have specified will be live and available for your customers from your website so it is critical that you have your shipping prices ready to enter and that you update the rates promptly.

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