How do I Place a Product on Sale?

To place a product on sale:

  1. Login to your ASPDNSF Administrative Console (www.yoursite.ext/config)
  2. Select Products >> Manage Products from the navigation
  3. Locate the product you wish to place on sale via Search, by browsing through the page numbers or using the "next" (>>) arrows (see
  4. Edit the product by clicking its name -OR- the paper/pencil icon
  5. Click Show Variants (see
  6. Click the product name
  7. Enter the desired Sale Price
  8. Click the Save and Close button
Note: The Sale Price is the only price you will change in the ASPDNSF admin area, as the Price, MSRP and Actual Cost will be overwritten daily with the Europa Datafeed and INSite Product Portal Mark-Up.
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