Managing Website Content (About Us, Contact Us, Policies, etc.)

To manage website content pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Policies, etc.:

  1. Login to your ASPDNSF Administrative Console (www.yoursite.ext/config)
  2. Select Content >> Manage Topics from the navigation
  3. Select the topic name from the listing on the left-hand side of the page 
  4. Type or paste your content into the editor window
  5. Use the toolbars to format the text, insert pictures/graphics, create hyperlinks, etc.
  6. If desired, add/edit the Page TitleKeyword(s) and/or Description
  7. Click the Update button 
  • If copying/pasting content from another source be sure to either use the "T" or "W" Paste buttons, -OR- paste into a plain-text editor, (such as Notepad) re-copy, thenpaste into the ASPDNSF editor. This will prevent formatting and other random/unnecessary characters from being included. Once the “plain text” has been either typed or pasted into the editor, it may be formatted as desired for your website.
  • The ASPDNSF editor default is design mode, but also has a has an HTML mode available if you wish to modify your content via code. For an introduction to HTML, visit or run a search on "HTML training" in your favorite search engine.
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