Sending Newsletters or Broadcast Emails

Within ASPDNSF, Emails/Newsletters may be sent to all registered customers who have chosen to accept e-mails:

  1. Login to your ASPDNSF Administrative Console (www.yoursite.ext/config)
  2. Select Configuration >> Pricing and Promotions >> Mailing Manager from the navigation
  3. Enter the Subject for your Email/Newsletter
  4. Select No for "TEST ONLY" option
  5. Select Yes -OR- No for the "CUSTOMERS WITH ORDERS ONLY" option
  6. Select No for the "EXPORT LIST TO CSV" option
  7. Select Yes -OR No for the "NEWSLETTER" option* 
  8. Create your email/newsletter in the editor
  9. Click the Send or Export Emails button
For additional information, see the following articles from the ASPDNSF Manual:
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