What Can I Manage in the Nutriloader Portal?

The Nutriloader Portal is to be used to manage the following:

Viewing Out of Stock Products

From the Home page, click on the “Out of Stock Products” button in the top right corner to generate of list of currently out of stock products from Europa.

Time of last data upload

The time of the last data upload can be seen on the Home page in the top right corner. Updates are uploaded daily.

User Management

You can add more Nutriloader Portal users by going to Management>>Users. We ask that you leave the user that we created for you so that we can access your portal and assist you with any questions/issues along the way.

Category Management

As part of your Nutriloader setup, we have entered in all of Europa’s product categories. You can manage the categories available in the system by going to Management>>Category.

Follow the links below for detailed instructions on Adding, Editing or Deleting Categories:

Add a Category, Sub Category, or Sub Sub Category

Delete a Category, Sub Category, or Sub Sub Category

Edit an exising Category, Sub Category, or Sub Sub Category

Product Associations

If you want to associate products to new categories, you can do this in the portal as well. Follow the link below for detailed instructions:

Product Assocations

Product Markup

Product Markup tools can be found under Product>>Markup. Follow the link below for detailed instruction on Product Markup:

Product Markup Guide

Product Automation

You can set the Email Address for Order Notices and Invoices, the Logo for Order Invoices, and the "Coming Soon" Image by going to Product>>Automation.

IMPORTANT: Changes made in the Nutriloader Portal will not be instantaneously updated on your website. Changes made here will be enacted on a daily basis. You may request a manual update by sending an email to support@etailersupport.zendesk.com.


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